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$27 (tax incl.) for a set of assorted creative hair styling tools! Including: Perfect Bun Maker, Petit Fuwa Pin, Volume Hair Base (Sponge), Topsytail Maker and Hair Styling Comb Pin! Original price $44.95


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Including: Perfect Bun Maker, Petit Fuwa Pin, Volume Hair Base (Sponge), Topsytail Maker and Hair Styling Comb Pin!


Perfect Bun Maker
High quality hair bun maker that will help you to make a perfect hair bun in seconds!
How to use:
1. Slide your high ponytail into the gap of the Hair Bun Maker and pull tight.
2. Pull the ponytail upwards and slide the Hair Bun Maker just before the end of your hair, roll downwards.
3. When you read the base, bend the Bun Maker into a circular shape.
4. Toggle the hair to cover the Bun Maker.

Petit Fuwa Pin
The purpose of the Petit Fuwa Pin is to volumize your hair.
The pin is extremely light. It's very easy to use, you lift up your hair and place the self-gripping leave-in clip wherever you want. Then put the section of hair you lifted up to cover the clip making it invisible. Voila your hair is volumized just like when u stepped out from the hair salon. Making you feel more confident and beautiful.
How to use:
1. Choose the root section you want to place fuwa pin at.
2. Lift the section of hair up and place the fuwa pin at the roots.
3. Use a hair clip to secure the pin to roots of the hair.
4. To cover the fuwa pin completely place the hair back down and spread the hair equally over the pin.

Volume Hair Base (Sponge)
Volume Hair Base is the latest Hollywood trend straight from Japan! This revolutionary hair insert allows you to instantly create hair volume within seconds. No hairspray or additional hair products are required to use the volume hair base. And unlike other similar products on the market, the volume hair base insert does not fall off easily due to Velcro technology.
How to use:
1. Hair Volumized in less than 15 seconds.
2. Works for all hair types and colors.
3. No teasing or backcombing required.
4. Velcro allows product to stay in place.
5. No additional hair products required.
6. Package includes two sizes.

Topsytail Maker
With this smart hair styling tool you can easily flip your ponytail up or down to create a dozen of fabulous hairstyles in just minutes!
How to use: 
1. Put your hair in a low ponytail. Insert the long end of the Topsy-Tail into the top of the ponytail, just about the elastic, so the loop is sticking out of the back of your head. Make sure it's in the middle of the ponytail or the twist will be lopsided.
2. Stick your fingers through the loop from the head side and grab the ponytail. Pull it through the loop. The ponytail should be sort of pointing up the back of your head.
3. Grab the long end of the Topsy-Tail that is sticking out the bottom of your ponytail, and pull it don’t and through, bringing the ponytail with it.
4. The hair at the base of the ponytail should be sort of twisted over itself, covering the ponytail holder.
5. You've Topsy-Tailed yourself.

Hair Styling Comb Pin

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